Horseback Riding Beach Tours Assign Adventure To Your Vacations

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Ever tried a horseback riding beach vacation or something like a beach horse riding tour? Horse riding vacations can be real fun. Beach horse riding tours are coming up in a big way.

A romantic beach horse riding tour

Horse riding beach vacations promise great enjoyment and adventure. On a horseback riding vacation, you get a chance to go around the beach and enjoy the beautiful scenic waters in the calm breeze. The music of the gushing waters can offer a tremendous opportunity to enjoy the pleasant company of nature. You can peep into your heart and be yourself. Couples can grab this Wonga Beach Horse Riding Tours to take a glimpse of each others eye or enjoy some fun racing. Besides this, the sound of a horse galloping can be musical. You can enjoy the view of the beach side and remain in sync with the rising sun and the beautiful nature around.

A dream adventure

This sporting opportunity called horseback riding beach vacation can be highly indulging. With immense excitement and adrenaline rush you can move about sketchily on the golden sands of the beach. This can be an exploratory experience where you can shun your inhibitions and de-stress. Infact group beach Horse Back Tours Port Douglas have been extremely popular. Tourists from across countries come up on these beaches exclusively to capitalize on a horse riding beach vacation. It promises unparallel pleasure. If you ever had a dream to live carefree and enjoy the best gifts of life, a beach horse riding tour is what you have been longing for. Your dreams come true when you feel your hair flying back with the strong wind, being stationed on a horseback with the saddle in your hand.

Information that will help you

If you are coming up for a beach horse riding tour you need to ensure that you do not leave your essentials behind in your car. A pair of long boots for hiking, sunscreen lotion for a beautiful face, long pants, water bottle, etc will help you be at ease on the emerald beaches. Be sure to ask the concerned person about the necessary precautions, rules and regulations in order to avoid any unforeseen circumstances later. You must be well aware of the area that you must be restricting your horseback riding beach vacation tour to. You must also empathize with the horse and treat it gently.

Where to find them?

There are many beaches that offer horse riding tours across the world. However, you need to first make a choice of the destination. Once this is done, you can confirm whether there is a beach horse riding opportunity there. This will help you to avoid ambiguity and clear the air beforehand. Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA are some popular countries offering beach horseback riding vacation packages for tourists and locals. The price of the packages is highly affordable and reasonable. There have been a large number of takers and the numbers never go down. It is promising. It is true fun. It offers total de-stress. You can’t miss it!

Peru Horseback Riding Tour

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There are a lot of great outdoor adventures to go on in Peru and one that many people want to engage in is horseback riding. While it’s true that getting anything done here can be a bureaucratic nightmare, it’s also true that there are many instances where there are no rules at all. One of those applies to riding on horseback.

When you go riding in the so-called civilized world, the United States for example, you quickly realize how far things have come from the days of the Wild West. Everywhere you go there are fences and gates and places where it’s forbidden to pass. Instead of taking a ride in the countryside, you are forced to go down specific designated trails.

There’s also the issue of safety or, more accurately put, liability. Unless you can prove yourself to be an experienced rider, you will be on a slow placid mount that has done the same trail day after day and is basically just following the tail of the horse in front of it. Yes, you are riding a horse. But it’s kind of like being on a breathing merry go round.

In Peru, you don’t have all those fences and you also don’t have to pass an equestrian exam to be put on a horse that has some personality. “The Mystic Tour”, one of the most common tours sold in Cusco is one that encompasses sites that aren’t on the standard city tour and do not require a Boleto Turistico, or Tourist Ticket, necessary for many other attractions.

Make sure that the tour will include the Temple of the Moon and the Balcon del Diablo, the Devil’s Balcony. The Balcon del Diablo is a window in a cave through which you can see some running water below. It’s a cool structure but that’s not really the highlight of this tour. The highlight for me is that there are wide-open spaces where you can gallop.

You won’t need to pull out your riding academy ID card for this. Basically, they are going to ask you, “Do you know how to ride.” “Yes.” “Do you want to gallop?” “Yes.” And then you will get introduced to some unassuming looking horse that the guide will assure you is calm and won’t give you any trouble whatsoever. That will have some equally unassuming name like Jirafa.

The moral of that story is… don’t say you want to gallop if you really don’t. And don’t say you can ride if you can’t or don’t have a lot of experience unless you are ready for the Peruvian mountain horse’s version of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. There won’t be anyone to sue if you fall (my horse actually fell in a ditch) but it is so much better than Disneyland.